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How Many Gels Marathon Runners Need to Fuel Their Race

You’ve trained for months, sacrificed weekends, and pushed your body to new limits, preparing for your upcoming marathon. But in those preparations, did you account for the one thing that can make or break your race — nutrition? Specifically, how many Energy Gels do runners need to fuel your 26.2-mile journey and distinguish yourself from […]

What to Eat After Running: Best Recovery Foods & Tips 2024

Running isn’t just a physical activity; it’s a lifestyle, and nobody knows it better than runners, right? However, are you doing enough to maintain this lifestyle? When you return from a long run, all sweaty and tired with running-induced hunger at its peak, you’re often faced with the question: What to eat after running to […]

Do Sports Drinks Enhance Endurance for All Athletes?

We often read that taking sports drinks enhances endurance, particularly for ultra-endurance events. But does the same recommendation apply to both amateur and professional athletes? What do top professionals do regarding fluid and energy supply during events like the Ironman Triathlon? More importantly, can these limits be pushed to achieve world-class performance? These were some […]

Burning 41% More Fat with Low-Calorie Sports Drinks

Recent independent research reveals that simply switching to a low-calorie sports drink, such as HIGH5 ZERO, can help you burn an average of 41% more fat during exercise. The Study and Its Design The study aimed to compare the effects of an electrolyte-only sports drink with a carbohydrate-rich sports drink on fat oxidation rates during […]

Enhance Your Performance: Go 26% Further Without Additional Training

Following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides can help you ride 26% further at the same speed with no extra training. Boost Your Cycling Distance Effortlessly In a 2012 study conducted by independent sports scientists and featured in Cycling Weekly, cyclists were asked to complete a 60-mile Sportive as quickly as possible. Afterward, they were required to […]

Effective Strategies for Burning Fat: Weight Loss Guide 2024

For many endurance athletes, reducing body fat can lead to improved performance. In this guide, we unpack the science of fat burning and how you can tweak your training for optimal results. Maximising Fat Burn: A Summary For endurance athletes, achieving optimal body fat levels is crucial for enhancing performance. Effective fat burning not only […]

Race Faster With No Additional Training

By following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides on the day of your next race, you could produce 15% more power and race faster, with no additional training. The Power of Nutrition There have been three recent studies looking at the performance benefits of HIGH5 2:1 fructose drinks while following the HIGH5 Nutrition Guides. The tests all […]